Single Pass Opacity Monitor

Model 6000

The Model 6000 series is an optical instrument designed to measure the concentration of Opacity, or dust in an exhaust gas passing through a duct, stack, or flue; typically the exhaust gas from an industrial combustion process or air filtration system.




Why choose the Model 6000 Single Pass Opacity Monitor?

This non-compliance opacity monitor was designed to measure visible opacity (0 – 100%) in exhaust gas for duct, stack or flue combustion applications.

The Model 6000 utilizes a single pass transmission measurement technique in which a light beam emitted from a transmitter, passes across the stack to a receiver that measures the intensity of the received light from its green LED source.

Attenuation of the light in the presence of high particulate loading or smoke is measured and presented as opacity (0 – 100%).

Available with or without the Controller, the Model 6000 can be used as a stand-alone configuration using a laptop/pc and the Utility Software supplied.

With no moving parts, reliability is excellent and maintenance is reduced to the occasional cleaning of the TX and RX lenses.

A latched head design provides easy access to lenses. The air purged body (blower recommended) provides the ability to further lengthen service intervals.

Key Features

Modulated green LED source for long lifetime stability and immunity to ambient light
In situ measurement directly in exhaust gas flow
Measurement reading as % Opacity
Rugged, vibration resistant, 316 stainless steel construction
In-situ zero and calibration check facility
Choice of interface options enabling easy integration
Free utility software for PC based set-up, control and data logging
Optional Operator Interface with different mounting configurations
Low cost, low maintenance with no moving parts
Latched head and lid design to enable ease of access for installation and maintenance
Simpler installation than single pass opacity monitors
Better accuracy over shorter path lengths than single pass opacity monitors


Duct and tunnel monitoring
Open space perimeter monitoring
Industrial combustion process
Air filtration system

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