CEMGAS 5000 HCl Laser Analyzer


The CEMGAS 5000 HCl Analyzer offers accurate NIST traceable HCl measurements. This hydrogen chloride analyzer contains patented Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (OFCEAS) IR technology that allows for enhanced specificity, selectivity, accuracy and stability.




Why choose the CEMGAS 5000 HCl Laser Analyzer?

This instrument is applicable to monitor HCl at waste incinerators, paper plants, specialized compressed gas plants, and in the chemical industry. The analyzer has no interferences, requires no sample conditioning, is easy to use and maintain and is very robust.

The HCl analyzer is designed for standalone operation with minimum maintenance, offering accurate low level measurement with no cross interference.

Patented low flow technology with little or no sample conditioning required, offers a very cost effective measurement system with extremely attractive benefits:

Accurate NIST traceable HCl measurement
No cross interference from moisture or other gases
No moving parts
No high temperature probes or high temperature sample lines needed
Works in high dust loading and high moisture applications
Analyzer package with full calibration ability and very low maintenance requirements

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Power Generation
Coal Fired Boilers
Cement Plants
Paper Mills
Process Control
Waste incinerators
Paper plants
Specialized compressed gas plants
Chemical industry

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