In-Situ Zirconium Oxygen Analyzer

Model 1000

The Model 1000 In-Situ Zirconium Oxygen Monitor utilizes proven detector technology for superior performance and rugged design. The Model 1000 is used to continuously measure oxygen concentration and control excess air in combustible exhaust gas of industrial boilers and furnaces in a range of 2 to 50%.



Why choose the Model 1000 In-Situ O2 Analyzer?

The Model 1000 surpasses the competition in the most demanding applications due to its modular design and automatic self-purging of the flow tube. Municipal waste incinerators, coal fired combustion, pulp and paper, and biomass combustion applications are but a few challenging applications for which the Model 1000 will help achieve energy savings by ensuring an efficient fuel to air mixture.

Insertion of the detector probe directly into the combustion exhaust flow eliminates the need for sample gas handling and provides quick response. The controller is comprised of signal processing, I/O communications display and systems controls.

Features such as automatic calibration and a manual/automatic blowdown are standard functions when used with external solenoid valve. Programming is simple using the external keypad located on the controller front panel. The Model 1000 can be fully configured for even the most demanding monitoring applications.

Key Features

Modular detector and probe design for easy maintenance
Proven Zirconium measurement reliability
High speed response-no sample conditioning
Self purging probe for high particulate applications
Autocalibration and combustion efficiency functionality


Waste incinerators
Coal fired combusters
Pulp and paper mills
Biomass combusters

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