CEMGAS 5000 CH2O/HCHO Laser Analyzer


The CEMGAS 5000 CH2O/HCHO Laser Analyzer by AP2E is a complete reliable, robust, easy-to-use, low cost solution for CH2O/HCHO analysis in ambient air, coal-fired, boilers and all other emissions sources.


Equipped with Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (OFCEAS) IR technology this low maintenance analyzer offers superior measurement performance with no interference.


Why choose the CEMGAS 5000 CH2O/HCHO Laser Analyzer?

The CEMGAS 5000 CH2O/HCHO Laser Analyzer offers low level Formaldehyde detection with measuring capabilities of as little as 1ppb and a response time of less than 2 seconds. It comes pre-calibrated for your application and it's patented OFCEAS IR Laser technology offers enhanced specificity, selectivity, accuracy and stability (no instrumental response drift).

The analyzer also contains no optical moving parts and is characterized by MTBF's of 5 years. Available in both rack and wall mount options it includes a touch screen interface and on-board PC for local/remote control and the real time display/recording of results.

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What is CH2O/HCHO and why does it need to be measured?

Written as either CH20 or HCHO, it a poisonous substance found in different forms and is commonly known as formaldehyde. As a gas it is colorless and has a pungent irritating odor. It is readily soluble in water and is often used as a disinfectant and biological preservative.

In the chemical industry formaldehyde is predominently used as a chemical intermediate and is ultimately distributed to a wide variety of other industries such as Construction and Building, Fertilizers, Insulation, Wood Production and more for use in their respective products.

Formaldehyde is considered to be carcinogenic and can enter the body via inhalation, ingestion or directly through the skin. Because of it's hazardous nature it is a regulated substance and laws regarding the proper reporting, handling and disposal of it are discussed in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Clean Water Act, Toxic Substances Control Act and Clean Air Act.


Chemical Plants
Power Generation Post SCR
Ambient Monitoring

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