CEMGAS 5000 HCN Laser Analyzer


The CEMGAS 5000 HCN Laser Analyzer is a complete pre-calibrated laser infrared spectrometer for the measurement of low level HCN in combustion process and pure gas. It's patented Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (OFCEAS) IR technology allows for enhanced specificity, selectivity, accuracy and stability.




Why choose the CEMGAS 5000 HCN Laser Analyzer?

With toxicity levels reported as low as 5 ppm the need for reliable low level testing equipment is of utmost importance.

The CEMGAS 5000 HCN Laser Analyzer has level of detection capabilities as low as 1 ppb and a response time of less than 2 seconds. The OFCEAS IR technology provides exceptional selectivity. Regardless of the matrix the analyzer allows for simultaneous multi-component measurements without interferences.

It comes pre-calibrated for your application and its patented low-pressure sampling system allows for low-cost installation and low flow rates (3-9 L/h) without degrading response time; accumulation of contaminants lines and filters is greatly reduced.

Built for industrial and on-board mobile applications, it is initially packaged in a standard 19"rack (wall mount models are available) and includes a touch screen interface and on-board PC for local/remote control and the real time display/recording of results.

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What is HCN and why does it need to be measured?

Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is a colorless, rapidly acting, extremely poisonous gas or liquid that boils just above room temperature.

HCN is a systemic poison; toxicity is due to inhibition of cytochrome oxidase, which halts cellular respiration. The result is a loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, and ultimately, death. According to studies found in the EPA's Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Hazardous Substances, the average fatal concentration for humans was estimated at 546 ppm for 10 min of exposure and even smaller concentrations of 5-13 ppm resulted in symptoms of headache, fatigue, weakness, tremors, pain and nausea with long term exposure increasing the effects.

Having a faint, bitter almond odor its presence does not provide adequate warning of hazardous concentrations. Proper monitoring and detection methods are absolutely necessary for any industry working with hydrogen cyanide.

Despite the dangers, HCN however, does have practical application uses, such as being the precursor to many chemical compounds ranging from polymers to pharmaceuticals. Common facilities or applications where dangerous levels of HCN might occur that would benefit from proper gas detection units include mines, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, pesticides production and pharmaceutical production.


Chemical plants
Petrochemical plants
Pesticides production
Pharmaceutical production

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HCN Laser Analyzer

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