Welcome to Cemtek Instruments

Cemtek Instruments is a leading supplier of high precision, reliable and professionally engineered gas analyzers for a wide range of monitoring applications.   In the field of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) our focus is on engineering, sales and services that offer solutions to environmental challenges.  


We bring a unique blend of analytical expertise to every project and solve difficult applications that existing technology does not address.  Our team has the proven ability to manage all phases of your project from initial discussion and design through fabrication, QC, installation and throughout the life of your CEMS, we will be your partner in emissions monitoring. 





Non-dispersive infared


Zirconium oxide

Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced

Absorption Spectroscopy


Our company

Cemtek Instruments, Inc., a division of Cemtek Group, is a full service provider of environmental & process monitoring instrumentation for the detection and measurement, of both pollutants & combustion gases for Total Efficiency of your process.

Our services

Cemtek Instruments offers a range of services including Emissions Monitoring & Testing, equipment installation,  Data Acquisition & Handling, CEM system support and more.  Our Field Service Engineers will create a plan specifically tailored to your company's needs.

Our clients

We work both diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first.  Because of our extensive experience we are able to offer tailored services specific to each sector and industry.  Our clients are our partners and our priority.


SCR NOx Monitor

A cost effective alternative to expensive CEMS

AQM 65

Ambient Monitoring System

Measures outdoor air pollutants in real-time.


SO2/SO3 Laser Analyzer

No drift

No sample conditioning

No interference