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Cemtek Systems Inc. (CSI), the services division of Cemtek Group, is a leading Field Services provider to the CEMS industry specializing in Part 60 and Part 75 Compliance and Non-compliance CEMS applications.


Based in Ocean, New Jersey, CSI has field offices in 6 States, making it uniquely positioned to provide CEMS contracts, on demand and emergency services to facilities throughout the USA and internationally.


With Federal and State regulatory agencies imposing increasingly demanding air quality and air permit standards companies are faced with the challenge of doing more with fewer resources.  Competition is tight and that combined with the new emissions regulations, QC requirements, quarterly audits, unexpected outages and tighter deadlines increasing your profit margins, at times, seems like an insurmountable task.


We at CSI are here for you.  In order to fully understand the challenges your business is facing, our Field Service Engineers will meet with you to discuss your company's current situation, what practices you have implemented thus far and what goals you have set for your company.  From there they will will layout a plan that is specifically tailored to your company's needs.  


Our Field Service Engineers are unmatched in the industry.  Trained and available at any given moment to offer you assistance and peace of mind.


Below are some of our field service capabilites.  Feel free to contact us to discuss the many ways in which we can simplify your life and offer you peace of mind knowing that you are in capable hands.

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Emergency Service

Field Services' Features

  • CEMS Emergency Service

    We provide 24/7 emergency repair operations for your continuous emissions monitoring equipment.

  • CEMS Contract Services

    We provide both short and longterm contracts to ensure your systems meet all EPA and local regulatory requirements

  • Linearities

    Our service engineers are qualified to perform linearity checks and adjustments procedures as required by 40 CFR Part 75.

  • CGA's

    Our service engineers can perform CGA’s on all manufacturers models and systems for everything from  O2, CO,CO2, NOx, and SO2 to HG, PM and HCL.

  • Audits

    We perform AUtis on all opacity, CEMS, CERMS, CMMS and PM systems.

  • Certifications

    We can setup and perform certifications from, writing the certification protocol, performoing all tests and audits to submitting the final report.

  • Training

    We believe in educating our clients.  Our service engineers provide classroom and hands on training for your team.  We also provide preventative maintenance and repair training on all analyzers and systems.

  • Problem Solving

    Help is just a phone call away.  Our technicians are here for your 24/7.  Whether it’s help troubleshooting your problem over phone or you need us onsite, we are ready and capable to evaluate and repair your equipment.

  • Performance Evaluation

    We offer performance and system evaluations in order to put your systems and company on the right path for long term compliance and keeping it up to date.

  • Upgrades

    Process changes frequently mandate the need to upgrade and change your equipment. Our design and integration expertise allows us to evaluate your equipment and provide cost effective solutions to your company’s needs.

  • CEMS Engineering

    We provide any and all of your CEMS engineering needs. We have engineers that have been in the CEMS industry for over 30 years. We not only can engineer new systems but engineer upgrades to existing and failing systems.

  • Sample Conditioning

    Sample conditioning is the most important part of any extractive CEMS system. We provide not only the best service for sample conditioning but can also recommend any needed upgrades to your existing system to keep your analyzers running accurately without interruption.

  • Moisture and Particulate Removal

    We have designed and provided systems for everything from low moisture and particulate to the most extreme. We can use existing products on the market or design any specialty items needed.

  • Extractive and Dilution Experts

    Our service engineers are able to install system components or provide preventative maintenance or repairs to your current equipment.

  • Opacity

    We offer services on all opacity monitoring systems including annual off-stack, clear-stack alignments and quarterly lens filter audits.  Our service engineers are trained on all major opacity manufacturers.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Our preventative maintenance programs encompass every aspect of the CEMS including your QAP QA/QC. We can setup a schedule for all preventative maintenance along with the required parts for all maintenance from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly to annual preventative maintenance.

  • Flow Monitors

    We service all types of flow monitors to include but not limited to pitot tube, ultrasonic and laser based flow monitors.

  • QA/QC Plans (new)

    We have vast experience in all aspects of Quality Assurance and Quality Control for CEMS systems. We tailor QA/QC procedures to fit the unique aspects and required regulations of each individual company.

  • Regional Coverage

    Our service engineers are strategically based throughout the country for prompt response times to your service needs.

Finally, a company that knows what it's doing!