NH3 TDL Analyzer

Model 7000

The Cemtek Instruments NH3 Hot/Wet Extractive Amonia Slip Analyzer is designed specifically for use in ammonia slip monitoring applications for Low NOx Burner Tuning and SCR Inlet/Outlet monitoring.


Ammonia slip is measured using a Tunable Diode Laser. The system requires no sample conditioning and is simply heated throughout the sample’s flow scheme to ensure NH3 is not lost from the sample gas.


Why choose the NH3 TDL Model 7000 Analyzer?

The Model 7000 was designed to meet the latest EPA requirements for acid gas monitoring. This Close Coupled Extractive design system has the latest low-level measurement technology coupled with acid gas probe and Silcotec coated sampling components.

It can be programmed not only to measure NH3 but HCl, O2, CO, HCN, H2S, and other gases as well. It features an optional cell heated up to 190°C for hot gas measurements for process control and environmental compliance related applications.

The NH3 Analyzer uses Tunable Diode Laser (TDLS) technology with flow through cell set-up. The sensor is based on a contact-less, near-infrared absorption measurement of the target gas.

The system has micro-processor-driven read-out electronics and digital and/or analog data outputs for industry-standard connectivity. It's proprietary electronic lock-in technology allows for the separating of gas absorption information from electro-optical system information. This eliminates the need for a physical reference channel and providing continuous sensor status monitoring.

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Key Features

Proven TDL technology for detection, accuracy, precision & long life span
Designed to meet the latest EPA requirements for acid gas monitoring
Simple Hot/Wet Extractive gas sampling system
Automated Probe Enclosure climate control
For use in Gas Fired applications
Front panel Touch Screen Display and Control
Low Detectable Limit @0.3ppm
Fastest response: Silcotec coated parts in contact with acid gas for loss rebuttal
Automatic Calibration mode option
Automatic Calibration check option
4-20 mA analog output and “Good Data” Digital Circuit
Optical, contact-less measurement
Accurate laser-diode electro-optics
Fast response
Continuous sensor status monitoring
Low cost-of-ownership
Continuous measurement allows observation of transient and time varying flows


Process control
SCR, incineration & combustion processes

Emission monitoring
Power generation, engine development, waste incineration furnaces

Environmental monitoring
Landfill & green-house gases

Chemical engineering
Production control & monitoring

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