Cemgas 5000 O2 Laser Analyzer


Put your company on the path to achieve Total Efficiency by incorporating the most innovative, low-cost equipment available for the low-level detection of O2.


The CEMGAS 5000 O2 Laser Analyzer utilizes patented Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (OFCEAS) IR technology in order to help maximize the overall performance of your combustion process by giving precise measurements of O2.




Why choose the CEMGAS 5000 O2 Laser Analyzer?

The CEMGAS 5000 O2 Laser Analyzer offers low-level O2 detection for process optimization. This easy-to-use system comes pre-calibrated for your application and includes a touch screen interface and on-board PC for local/remote control and real time display/recording of results.

The patented OFCEAS IR technology allows for simultaneous multi-component measurements without interferences, regardless of the matrix.

The patented low-pressure sampling system removes any risk for condensation in the line or chemical adsorption/desorption.

The CEMGAS O2 laser analyzer contains no optical moving parts and was designed and built strictly for industrial and on-board mobile applications.

It has a response time of less than 2 seconds and it’s level of detection (LOD) is 5 ppm.

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What is O2 and why does it need to be measured?


Combustion Efficiency
Combustion Monitoring
Gas Processing
Trace Level Applications
Boiler Performance
Power Generation
Harsh Process Conditions

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