NOx Combustion Analyzer

Model 8010

The Model 8010 Dual Range NOx Monitor is specifically designed for use in low-NOx CEM applications. Total NOx is measured using the chemiluminescence method with a high temperature NO2 converter, and provides two separate ranges with 4-20ma outputs for each range.




Why choose the Model 8010 NOx Analyzer?

The 8010 Monitor uses field proven chemilumiescence detection method, providing high detection accuracy, repeatability and linearity. Three separate LED displays give simultaneous indication of NOx concentrations on each range plus the converter temperature.

The front panel indication of sample flow and ozone flow meets or exceeds 40CFR60 and 40CFR75 demands for relative accuracy, linearity, and calibration drift in low and ultra-low NOx natural gas-fired combustion turbine applications.

Advantages over Conventional Designs

All solid-state detection: no photomultipliers, high voltage power supplies, or exposed TE-coolers.

No valves, pumps, or moving parts besides the chassis fan.

The non-consumptive, non-catalytic NO2 converter never wears out, gets poisoned, or needs maintenance.

Very clean ozone generator design with high frequency drive electronics for trouble-free operation.

Simple interface with all diagnostics visible, no menus to navigate or keystrokes to remember.

Simplified pneumatics and electronics results in high reliability and low cost of ownership.

Each range has separate, fully independent displays, outputs, and calibrations.


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Process Control
Boiler Performance
Power Generation
Compliance Monitoring
SCR Performance

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