The DURAG D-R 290 is a certified optical transmission monitor for the measurement of the opacity or dust concentration of a sample gas.   It relies on SWBD (Super Wide Band Diode) technology to provide solid cost effective long life service, while meeting and exceeding all the regulatory requirements.


Why choose the DURAG D-R 290?

Key Features

Can be used even at thick-walled stone / insulated ducts
Device is not in contact with sample gas
Automatic zero and reference point check
Automatic measurement and correction of soiling of optical windows
Super-wide band diode (SWBD), long life, reduced influence of variable particle sizes
Hermetically sealed enclosures - no flue gas diffusion to optics or electronics unit
Optimized purge air reduces pollution, provides long maintenance intervals
Heated optical window
Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance, no PC required
Local control unit displays opacity, extinction or mg/m3 values
Additional display unit as an option in up to 1000m distance
Automatic range switching output


The D-R 290 is suitable for plants which require the monitoring of dust missions by law such as:

converter plants and asphalt mixing plants
facilities for cement production
power stations with gas, oil, coal or co-firing
garbage, hazardous waste and sewage sludge incinerators or incinerators in general
installations in accordance with 2001/80/EC LCPD / 13 BImschV / Clean Air Act


2000/76/EG WID / 17. BImschV
2001/80/EG LCPD / 13. BImschV
27. BImschV
EN 13284-2, EN 14181
EN 15267-3
40 CFR 60 US EPA PS1
40 CFR 60 US EPA PS11


CE, COC QAL1 DIN EN 14181 / DIN EN ISO 14956 / EN 15267-3, MCERTS, Pattern Approval GOST R, Pattern Approval certificate Rep.of Belarus, Pattern Approval Certificate PRC, MCOC 40CFR 60 EPA PS1

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