Cemtek Instruments

Our Skills

Cemtek Instruments, Inc., a division of Cemtek Group, is a full service provider of environmental & process monitoring instrumentation for the detection and measurement, of both pollutants & combustion gases for Total Efficiency of your process.

Who we are ?

Founded in 2007, Cemtek Instruments brings several decades of combined CEMS and instrumentation experience to each project. Backed by the best field service department in the industry, with two main offices in the US and multiple field offices, Cemtek is available when your facility needs answers, expert service, fast response and minimal downtime.

What we do ?

Our team understands the complexity of environmental issues in the emerging air quality market. We solve difficult applications that existing technology does not address. Since we are not tied to any one manufacturer or design concept we are able to offer full instrument solutions to our customers regardless of the application.

Cemtek Instruments offers a range of the latest sensor technology analyzers for consistent, accurate measurement of virtually any gas, including (but not limited to) NOx, H2S, HCl, CH4.

Our service group can assist in maintaining any make of analyzers for your process control, CEMS, opacity, flow monitors, analyzers and other Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment for multiple industries

Why we do it ?

We are motivated by the need to provide better solutions to companies seeking to meet or exceed regulatory requirements, reduce energy, installation, and maintenance costs and improve process diagnostics and safety.

Cemtek Instruments has forged relationships with many Utility giants installing & supporting both our own and competitors products, while simultaneously developing niche markets for some of the most innovative companies in the market.

Our clients rely on our knowledge, expertise and understanding of cost concerns for providing efficient and professional solutions to the unique requirements of their monitoring projects.

We at Cemtek are committed to providing our clients with peace of mind, knowing that they are in good hands.

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