Cemgas 5000 H2S Laser Analyzer


The Cemgas 5000 H2S Laser Analyzer offers real time gas measurements with enhanced laser spectrometer performance.




Why Choose the CEMGAS 5000 H2S Laser Analyzer?

The Cemgas 5000 H2S Analyzer provides the solution for the detection of the wide range of levels that can be encountered along the process, ensuring the quality of the NG and decreasing the destructive effects on equipment.

The patented technology employed in this Laser Spectrometer allows for a low maintenance measurement without worry of cross interference experienced by other methods.

The Sonic Probe allows for extremely low intake flow rate which enables extremely low fouling of the sampling probe filter and reduced maintenance requirements. No moisture or particulate cleanup required.

The H2S Analyzer Operates at low pressure in the entire sampling system which considerably lowers the dew point of the moisture present in the sample stream. This means there is no sample conditioning required.

What is H2S and why does it need to be measured?

Occurring naturally in raw natural gas (NG), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is highly corrosive and requires monitoring and controlling from the well head to the customer distribution center.

Its destrucive effects on equipment and pipelines along with product degradation, require continuous monitoring of the levels of H2S to avoid corrosion problems and maintain the quality of the end product.


Well Head Gas
Gas Pipelines
Custody Transfer Station
Amine Scrubber Outlet

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H2S Laser Analyzer

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