SCR NOx Monitor

Model 8000 Low Dilution Probe

The SCR NOx Monitor is a cost effective alternative to expensive CEMS. Cemtek has brought proven Silicon Photodiode sensor technology together with a unique low-dilution probe measurement technique. The result is a compact and rugged close-coupled probe system for process control measurement of NOx (Chemiluminescense), SO2 (Ultraviolet), CO2 (Infrared) and O2 (Zirconia).




Why choose the SCR NOx Monitor?

The SCR NOx Monitor system includes a pneumatic flow control assembly within the controller for automatic calibration at user-defined intervals for drift free continuous operation. In addition, the SO2 based unit is effective for low cost in-situ process monitoring of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubber efficiency monitoring.

The Model 8000 Low Dilution probe is specifically designed to meet the challenges of reliably monitoring flue gases. It is suitable for coal, natural gas sources, combustion turbine outlet NOx testing and can be configured for any fuel combustion monitoring process either utility or industrial.

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Key Features

Silicon Photodiode sensor for interference free, drift free measurement

Revolutionary low sample flow rate for minimal sample conditioning

Insitu measurement response time

Conventional proven dilution technology for handling dirty fuel emissions

Simple to navigate operator interface (OIT) with intuitive touch screen technology as a controller panel


SCR Performance

SCR Inlet

Coal Fired Boilers

Gas Turbines

In-Situ NOx Monitoring


IC (Internal Combustion) Engines

Stationary Diesel Engines

Harsh Monitoring Environments

High Particulate Environments

Boiler Control

NOx Reduction

NH3 Slip

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