Trace Moisture (H2O) analyzer

The H2O vapour analyzer provides sensitive monitoring of H2O vapour in ambient air or in industrial process with a detection limit (1σ) of 10 ppbv within 20 seconds.


Trace Moisture (H2O) analyzer

The analyzer's off-axis cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopic technique provides high quality, interference free, non-invasive H2O vapour measurements. Required for the most demanding industrial trace gas detection applications, these measurements can be accessed remotely via USB or internet connection.

The H2O vapour analyzer's internal computer can store large amounts of data. It operates continuously and performs unattended online monitoring. With integrated electronics and software and no moving parts or optics that require realignment, the Trace Moisture H20 Analyzer requires virtually no maintenance.

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H20 Trace Moisture
Analyzer Datasheet

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