Cemtek Instruments Secures Order for Their NOX Analyzer System in Kentucky

Kentucky – October 2015 — Cemtek Instruments, a technology leader in Instruments for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) today announced an order for 8 of their 8000 SRC NOx Analyzer Systems. These high performance, low cost SCR inlet NOx probes & analyzers will be installed on the ducts of a coal fired boiler in Kentucky. These unique compact NOx analyzers will give the site far greater control over their NOx emissions and reduce NH3 injection and downstream costs.

Customers are benefiting from this system and the easy simple to navigate operator interface (OIT) with intuitive touch screen technology as a controller panel. The close-coupled low flow design with integrated temperature control enables high-speed interference free measurements without the need for costly high maintenance sample conditioning equipment.

The Model 8000 Low Dilution probe is specifically designed to meet the challenges of reliably monitoring flue gases. It is suitable for coal, natural gas sources, combustion turbine outlet NOx testing and can be configured for any fuel combustion monitoring process either utility or industrial.

Some key features include: Silicon Photodiode sensor for interference free, drift free measurement. Revolutionary low sample flow rate for minimal sample conditioning. Insitu measurement response time <5 sec to T90 for feedback control application. Conventional proven dilution technology for handling dirty fuel emissions.

Cemtek’s custom CEMS package includes gas analyzers for NOx, CO, O2, HCl, THC, NH3, CH4, NH3 etc. along with EPA compliant data acquisition software. Using the latest in analytical technology, coupled with superior engineering and project management, Cemtek has again proven its ability to maintain its position as the top CEMS supplier in the industry.

For more information, please visit: www.cemteksinstruments.com
Cemtek Instruments, Inc. is a leading supplier of high precision, robust gas analyzers for a wide range of monitoring applications. The companies focus is on engineering high precision, low maintenance systems for measuring a variety of gasses utilizing Cavity Ring-down Laser analyzers, Chemiluminescence NOx analyzers, IR CO & CO2 and NDUV SO2 analyzers and several other technologies.

Ty Smith
Cemtek Instruments, Inc.